Rock Climbing in Sandpoint, Idaho
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Rock Climbing Sandpoint & North Idaho

Your palms are sweating, and as a result, slippery. The chalk on your fingers can only help you so much as you strain, every muscle in your upper body begging you to quit, but your determination continues driving you toward the next grab. And even though you're sore and struggling, the pure adrenaline rush of hanging from a slab of rock, scaling, and conquering it, compels you. This is the experience of being a rock climber.

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Sandpoint's is located in the northwest, where there is certainly no shortage of fantastic places to ascend to. Whether you are a newcomer to the sport, or Chris Sharma's protégé, you'll find plenty of areas around the city that can provide you years of entertainment with your friends.

Places to Climb

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Chimney Rock

Difficulty: Beginner - Advanced

Located on the east side of Priest Lake. Take service road 24 about 4 miles until you turn onto service road 2. Follow this until you arrive to the hiking trail. Another 2 miles will get you there! There are 35+ routes available ranging from 5.3 (easy) to 5.11+ (difficult).


Laclede Rocks

Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

Located on Highway 2, a few miles west of Laclede, maybe 10 miles west of Sandpoint. You'll want to use the first parking pullout along the highway to access the routes above you. There are no less than 30 routes, rated from 5.6 (medium) to 5.12+ (difficult). See if you can climb Poster Child (5.11d)!

Power Tower (Rock Wall)

Difficulty: Beginner - Intermediate

Located in the Activity Center on Schweitzer Mountain, this is the perfect wall for beginners to climb. There are a total of four routes, with all leading to an assisted bungee jump from the top. Costs $5 to use, $7 for a climb and jump combo.

Phone: 208-265-0257

Sandpoint Rock Gym (Bouldering)

Difficulty: Beginner -Advanced

Located at 522 Church St. in Sandpoint, this facility will be opening soon. 1200 square ft. of climbing surface offering opportunities for climbers who're new to the sport as well as challenges for guys who've had much experience. Be sure to check it out!

Phone: 208-946-6526

Wild Walls (Rock Wall)

Difficulty: Beginner - Advanced

Located at 202 West 2nd Ave. in Spokane, WA., a day pass costs you a mere $15. They also offer training and belay certification. There is a seemingly limitless number of routes for you, ranging from very easy to very difficult. This is where you can take your family along and get them all hooked on climbing!

Phone: 509-455-9596

Climbing Photos

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