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The Rebirth of the CDA Jazz Fest
The Coeur d’Alene Jazz Festival has been resurrected. This jazz festival was an institution to the residents of Coeur d’Alene in the 1980s. The festival went through several homes year after year inside Coeur d’Alene,
and after years of venue instability the festival coordinators of the time decided to take a break and in 1989 after the last festival it was put into hibernation.

Today, Carmine Conti, Chris Martin, Jason Schroeder, and Terry Orr of The Gem City Group have taken the reigns of this mighty sleeping giant and they are bringing it back, albeit with a few changes. To start with the name has evolved into Coeur d’ Jazz, or the “Heart of Jazz”. The event will also boast a new, larger location; this year, and in the years to come, Coeur d’ Jazz will be held at the Greyhound Park & Event Center in Post Falls. “Why, “you may ask,” is Coeur d’Jazz
being held in Post Falls?” The answer comes down to two basic reasons: The first factor is the shear magnitude of the expected attendance.
There are not any venues in CDA large
enough to hold such an event  anymore. The next factor is parking, which also refers back to the first issue. With the Greyhound Park comes a unique bonus: the ability to have a large outside stage as well as inside stage performances.

As you know, in August, it can be a bit unbearable out in the heat all day; this venue allows attendants to relax in a temperature controlled environment while they enjoy refreshments and meals from many of the area’s fine restaurants; including the White House Grill, Joey’s Smokin’ BBQ, La Cabana/ La Cocina, Fugazzi, Luigi’s, as well local as wineries, and breweries, and also spirits from
Hood River Distillers. This year’s jazz festival will truly live up to its name, “The Festival of Spirits”. With performances from many world renowned jazz musicians, Tom Scott,


Diane Schuur, Voice Trek and Tom Grant as well as locals and up-and-coming national talents.
Throw in an Art Gallery, courtesy of The CD’A Art Association, and you have the area’s largest gallery of music and arts. Coeur d’Jazz looks to be a great weekend for all ages.

Great food, great music, great art and beverages are a perfect combination for all jazz fans.

For information on tickets and performances
call 1-888-GEM CITY or go online to

A personal note on Coeur d’Jazz from Festival producer Carmine Conti:

Conceptually, I wanted to throw the Inland Empire’s biggest cocktail party, but I decided that my friends wouldn’t be apt to just havin’ a few drinks and chit chattin’. This wouldn’t be enough fun to pencil me in for the afternoon.
So I remembered that a lot of my acquaintances over the years knew me as a visionary, and using events such as the Winter Fantasy Ball, in Spokane; the Festival at Sandpoint; Jazzfest, in Coeur d’Alene; and The Winthrop Blues Festival, and numerous other events that I have participated in, led me to
believe that it was time to make this cocktail party a ‘Celebration of Spirits: music, art, drinks, cigars, and a epicurean array that only would be marveled t by the likes of a Parisian Art Gallery Opening.

 A little jazz,
a little wine, a little epicurean delight, an after-dessert smoke, and a snifter of brandy, then step back and let your eyes and ears celebrate art, and music.

Jeez I have had worse days, and paid more money to have’em.

So where is there such a thing this side of Paris, Rome, New York or Seattle? Look no farther than The Greyhound Park & Event Center, located at the State Line (between
Washington & Idaho). This is a world-class facility, and when I’m done making it an art gallery, music venue, wine tasting, epicurean hospitality, you’re never gonna’ want to miss a moment of it.

I grew up in a small but entertaining community (Laguna Beach, California) where art and music were always top priority year round, and we’re now watching a art and music’s sterilization. Culture is based off
what we interject into our communities, and art and music have become second to land developments, golf courses and health spa’s. Well, I’d like a nice house on a golf course, with a spa, but I’d also like to fill that house with music, art, some good food, a wine cellar and a humidor.

Build your own dream if you will, but music and art must be present, or you just have a sterile environment with some fancy toys to accent your surroundings.

As a not-for-profit organization, “Coeur d’ Jazz” (Heart of Jazz) will donate all proceeds from this festival, and many years of festivals to come, towards the arts, performing ands non-performing as well. Schools need our help (sure, you heard that one before), but not for a new gym or soccer field. The Idaho High School Activities Association and the Washington High School Activities Association support all High School Activities, not just the “Milk Bowls” that feed High School Athletics. This is way more than Chapter 9 my friends, it’s the whole book, and it does feed all activities. So when you support the arts, you are supporting a cast of potential composers, and artists, wine makers, epicurean purveyors and potential farmers.

Now you have the idea of what the biggest cocktail party might provide in the way of entertainment, education and support; my question to you is “Why haven’t you made reservations for this year’s casual, but formal, Coeur d’ Jazz, ‘A Celebration of Spirits’?”

As producer of Coeur d’ Jazz, I welcome any insights and suggestions that benefit the well being of music & art, and any activities that will help make this truly a Celebration of Spirits.

Thank you for your years of support, and I hope I can make this an event you’ll cherish as much as I cherish those who support the arts.

Carmine M. Conti | | | |
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