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  Inspiration and compassion are two human attributes that have the power to change those around you. The world says that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow. Those teachers who lead our youth through this journey are the most influential of all. Guiding our lives and molding our minds, they build steppingstones and create tools for the future success of our youth.
North Idaho College in Coeur d’Alene has been the center of education for the Panhandle Region, providing many opportunities for our youth. As a former student of this community college, I have experienced the life-altering changes that come with higher education. It has been my honor during my time at North Idaho College to be under the guidance of Communications Professor, Tim Christie, a man filled with passion and love for his life, his career, and for all of his students.

   Tim Christie was born in Dillon Montana on March 27, 1949. He has a passion for wildlife and the natural beauty that surrounds our region. Tim received his Bachelors Degree in Social Science from Eastern Montana and furthered his education at the University of Montana to receive his Masters in Interpersonal Communications. After graduating, Tim and his family relocated to the small town of Coeur d’Alene on a teaching contract for a one-year period at North Idaho College. Tim had always respected teachers and he always loved showing people the way. His teaching career just fell into his lap when he became a full-time employee of the college following his first two years there. Now after thirty-four years of guiding lives and nurturing minds, Tim will be leaving North Idaho College. As he states, “I am retiring on a leap of faith.” For all of the lessons learned and the students affected by his powerful guidance, I am sad to hear of his retirement. Tim is an inspiration to all those who cross his path, and my life has been blessed to know him.

  As I returned to North Idaho College recently to meet my former professor after a leave, he welcomed me with open arms, and a smile of satisfaction. “I’ve changed students lives,” stated Tim. “The greatest compliment I could receive would be to know I have put some tools in your toolbox.” Teaching over six thousand students in a thirty-four year career, Tim has truly touched the souls of those who filled his classroom. Today, many students such as myself thank Tim Christie for opening our minds and giving us the education to succeed in life.

  Upon leaving North Idaho College, Tim will pursue his other passions, photography and writing. Now a well-respected wildlife photographer, he has established a successful business to retire into. Tim is a well-known writer as well. His works have appeared in multiple publications, and he has been honored with many awards. With more time now to explore the outdoors and create beautiful photography, Tim would like to write a book.

  I would like to say that I am grateful to have met such a man. I will leave you with a final thought from Tim Christie, “ A definition of one’s life is not just the here and now, but that it also continues to have an impact when you are gone.” | | | |
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