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  Nestled in the heart of downtown Bonners Ferry sits a quaint cafť simply called Jillís. Jill Nystrom, born and raised in Bonners Ferry, came to a point in her life where it was time to make a change. After being a slave to the schedules of the service industry for twelve years, she decided that working nights and weekends wasnít the
schedule she wanted, taking into account her husband and young daughter. Setting out on her new venture, Jillís quietly opened on August 7, 2004 in the old Kelson building. One day Jill just unlocked the door and customers started rolling in. She didnít even bother advertising for the first month, but that didnít seem to slow down the growing popularity of this little shop.

  Jill manages, cooks, and waits tables in her restaurant,
with the help of her two employees and her father, who steps in at busy times to assist with dishwashing. This independent young woman has successfully created a comfortable and personal atmosphere that felt more like lunch at a friendís or sisterís house, than a diner. Jillís is constantly busy, and is a hot spot for her regulars, including many of the local business owners and employees. Sheís obviously doing something right. The restaurant can, and often does, seat up to thirty people
at a time during her limited hours of business: Monday
through Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. She says that the restaurant runs smoothly for the most part, and feels like home to her.

She appreciates the ability to work in the kitchen while visiting with her customers at the open counter, and she loves to make them feel at home.

  Jillís serves an all-American menu, featuring fresh, homemade soups and desserts, as well as great salads and sandwiches, and did I mention espresso? Local products are used in Jillís recipes whenever possible, including Blakeís Old Fashioned Salad Dressings, and the ever-favorite Woods Meats (which can make all the difference in the world when it comes to a good burger).

  So, if you ever find yourself in Bonners Ferry, and you can catch the window of opportunity to try a western BBQ burger, or a Greek steak wrap, go for it. Jillís wonít let you down.

Jillís Cafť
7211 Main Street - Bonners Ferry
208-267-1950 | | | |
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