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  A house is simply a place of dwelling, whereas a home is a place of love, and that is exactly what Andrea Lyman has created in her stunning home “Anavo” (a Celtic word meaning harmony).

  Andrea and her husband Stephen Lyman, “inspired by all things natural and alive,” took three years to plan the design of this breathtakingly beautiful home, utilizing the help of John Sayler, a local architect. Construction began in 1992, but in 1996, Stephen passed away in a tragic accident while hiking in Yosemite National Park. Andrea continued on with the creation of their dream, and upon completion of construction
in 1997, Anavo was born.

  In the serene meadows of North Idaho sits this majestic five-story beauty. The front balcony is guarded with metal sculpted into branches designed by Stephen and created by Mountain Metal Works. Front windows face out over a big rolling meadow.









  We followed the driveway around the house to the front entrance. Smiling warmly, Andrea and her husband Michael welcomed us into their home. In the foyer, a colorful display of tile lay out before us, with the word Anavo hidden in the symbol gracing
the center of the design. The triangles surrounding the symbol point North, South, East, and West.

  Andrea led us to the first striking room. Red French terracotta tile and soft orange walls set the mood in this rustic kitchen. The cabinets are made from heart pine, and polished rock handles from Camp Bay. Polished granite counter tops reflect and reinforce the color of the room, and there is a copper light fixture hanging above the island.
The romantic feel of the kitchen is enhanced by the stove built within an alcove, with a colorful mixture of tiles on the back wall that brings out the colors bordering the kitchen. Lighting from behind the arch opening offers a warm and inviting aura.

  The dining room is a flashback
to the Victorian era. Swag curtains accent the large windows overlooking the balcony and meadow below. A chandelier drops from a star-speckled blue medallion over the dark oak table. The ceiling is wallpapered in white, with silver laced through it. Hardwood floors complete the room with slate steps leading to the living room.

  The stairs are a favorite. On each flight you will find the phases of the moon, astronomical signs, and symbols from the Mayan Oracle carved into the various steps, and the newel posts are shaped into wood nymphs, gnomes, and faces. These small but wonderful details give the feeling of being in a fairytale.

  You will find the two boys bedrooms on the third level of the house. Separated by a shared

double bunk beds in each room, and a ladder that leads to a hidden loft above the bathroom. There’s even a second ladder from that loft that takes explorers to yet a higher loft.

  This level also houses the master
bedroom, with its panoramic view
of the mountains and trees below. The master bathroom has a shower lined with large smooth rocks, opening to a soft green bathtub, and an outstanding view. A tile-covered bench holds plants to bring energy and color to the room. Honed peach-colored French limestone countertops surround a custom- made ceramic sink.

  On the fourth floor there is not one door alike. Shipped from Spain, Peru, India, and Indonesia, each is a
unique work of art, and there is even
an antique Mexican prison gate used to guard the children’s playroom.

  One very special room on this
level is lovingly called the sanctuary.
It is a place in the home for meditation and reflection. Using an airbrush, the walls were painted a light pink that fades into lavender, then blue, as it rises towards the ceiling. It gives an amazing effect of tranquility. A stained glass window designed by Andrea completes the room.

  The fifth story is called the sky
room. It is a private paradise hidden
behind a door in the playroom that
could easily be mistaken for a closet.
Using the same technique as the sanctuary, this room was air brushed a light blue that fades into a dark blue to mimic the sky. Tall floor plants frame the white hammock hanging from the windowsill, and a

bathroom, these rooms are every child’s dream, with telescope stands by

ready for stargazing. This room is a favorite spot for storm watching.

  From there, we headed in the opposite direction to the guest
bedroom located on the lowest level. It has bright yellow walls, with a double bed that stands in the middle of the room. A lovely clay molding of angels hangs above the headboard. The ceiling is painted in blue, bordered with white fluffy clouds, and the large windows allow an abundant amount of natural light into this room.

  Every room in this remarkable abode is prominent in its own way. The mood is similar in each, yet they are all strikingly different from

each other. Moreover, the views from every window, and the home’s extensive balconies and decks, are nothing short of awe inspiring.

  As I was leaving I noticed a metal sculpture hanging on the wall of the foyer. When I asked Andrea what it symbolized, she replied, “Harmony, spirituality, and peace.” And that is exactly what I found on my visit to this magical place called Anavo. | | | |
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