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  Have you heard about the new vacation homes going in around the Priest Lake Golf Course? I’d be willing to bet, they aren’t like any vacation home you’ve seen before—more like, ‘in your wildest dreams’ homes. They have oodles of big open windows, state of the art kitchens, that could very well make Emeril cry, and yes men, at least two plasma TV’s in every home. Hey! Stop jumping on the couch.

  KM Construction and Clearwater Mortgage
teamed up with Todd Massey of On Site Construction to make this project a reality. Not only did Massey design the subdivision, house plans, and clubhouse plans, but his family owned business is also doing the construction.

  I recently talked to Fred Stephenson, Vice President in charge of marketing. “Every home is distinct in its design,” he said. “You can tell they are Massey homes by certain signatures that come in all Massey homes, but you will definitely see a difference from house to house.”

  One of the major Massey signatures is the siding. It’s an unusual but simple idea that fits in perfectly with the woodsy environment. It appears to be whole logs slabbed lengthwise, knots and all, and hung as lap siding. This innovative technique, together with different types of stonework, is striking, and the first thing to catch your eye as you enter the development, but certainly not the last.


photos by © J. Vouk AMG

  The solid wood doors and cabinetry are magnificent. On Site Construction has their own cabinet shop to supply their homes, and their doors could be called works of art! (Not to mention the enormous log and beam accents throughout the interior and exterior of every home.)

  And who hasn’t made their way into the bathroom in the middle of the night, only to stub their toe in the dark? Well, these new homes have the answer to that, with sensor lights along the bottom of the vanity that are undetectable, but offer a soft glow the instant you step into the doorway of the bathroom.

  All of the homes feature spacious kitchens, with lights that automatically come on when you open the pantry doors, all stainless steel KitchenAid appliances, and they are filled with every amenity you could possibly want or need. They also have extra large laundry rooms, as well as surround sound stereo throughout the house. Some of the homes have a separate media room with a plasma TV, and comfortable seating for you and your guests.

  One tri-level home has an elevator in the garage that leads to the upper levels. Another has a Jacuzzi tub in one of the master bedrooms, with a waterfall on one side and a fireplace on the other. Several have wet bars and they all have gas fireplaces in the living rooms, and some, a fireplace in the master bedrooms as well. And, did I mention, each house has two master bedrooms with full baths?

  Here’s another unique feature that will appeal to the workaholic, and websurfing fanatic alike. Each home has an office and Wi-Fi setup. In fact, a central tower has been installed that will allow residents to send emails or access the internet, from the house, golf course, or from anywhere else in the complex.

  In addition to the spacious and elegant design work, each home has been fully furnished by local businesses. Sheri’s Home Interiors of Priest River decorated and furnished most of them. Northwest Handmade Furniture in Sandpoint furnished some of the homes as well. There are lovely bedroom sets complete with designer bedding, living rooms decked out with tasteful furniture and gorgeous picture arrangements, not to mention luxurious rugs, homey candles, and baskets filled with lush towels in every residence. Simply bring your clothes, food, and toiletries, and you’re all set.

  The homes feature many handcrafted works of art by local artisans, such as watercolors by Priest Lake artist, Betty Jemison, and lovely wood handcrafts by Jerry Procunier of Intarsia Custom Designs in Priest lake.

  These are not your ordinary vacation homes, either. And here’s the difference: They are Fractional Share homes. If you know what Time Share condo’s are, these are similar, yet worlds apart.

  At The Residence Club, members will purchase a 1/8 deeded share of an individual home. This will entitle them to spend six weeks a year at the resort—three in the summer, and three in the winter. However, members are not limited to only enjoying one home. As openings allow, they will be able to book vacations at any home in the resort. If you’re bringing your family on one vacation, choose one of the homes that best suits their needs. If you plan to entertain friends on the next, choose one of the houses geared for entertaining. Broke your leg helicopter skiing? Choose a home with an elevator for this vacation.

  To date there are seven homes completed, twelve more under construction, and many more lots available around the golf course, and in the future around the lake as well.

  This year a new main clubhouse will be built, which will replace the existing one, and house a five-star restaurant, coffee shop, meeting rooms, a pro-shop, and underground parking that will all be open to the public. There will also be two racquetball courts, and an exercise and steam room.

  Members of the Residence Club will be entitled to all the pampering of the rich, famous, and the generally spoiled-rotten. There will be a concierge to stock your home with food before you arrive, and a shuttle service to pick you up from the airport. They have a fleet of boats, jet skis, and watercraft available to all members, plus golf carts, all green fees, and ski trails available to members at no extra cost. It’s all included as part of the yearly maintenance dues.

  To add icing to the cake, they’ve recently acquired a twelve-passenger seaplane, that will pick guests up from any of the local airports, including Priest lake, Priest River, Sandpoint, or Spokane, and land them on Priest Lake. They eventually plan to use the new plane to take members on fishing trips to Canada. The Residence Club at Priest Lake
is actively seeking new ways to pamper their guests, and if they haven’t thought of it yet, it’s just a matter of time.

To learn more, contact:
The Residence Club at Priest Lake
289 Fairway Drive
Priest Lake, ID 83856 | | | |
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