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Barns of North Idaho, Classic and Historic barns in Sandpoint Idaho, Coeur d' Alene Idaho, Bonners Ferry Idaho and surrounding areas.

Old barn in North Idaho field
Snowing on an old North Idaho Barn

We used to climb, she told me
as high on the bails
at ten years old daring
to go and jump off
then hitting the straw
boards so hard
it jarred your jelly.

I remember stories
of my grand-dad jumping
to grab the rafter beams
pulling his feet through
his arms like a gymnast
strong as the old timber
thatís standing still.

Seneca Cummings         

in side view off an old barn

Old barn wood in North Idaho - Many people use old barn wood for interior decorating

Historic old barns can be seen all over the North Idaho panhandle

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