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Welcome to Sagle, Idaho

You are probably not aware of how Sagle, Idaho achieved it's name. When the village first got a Post Office, the postmaster submitted the name Eagle, Idaho, to the Postal Department. Eagle was already taken, so he merely replaced the "E" with an "S" and Sagle was born!

Located just five miles South of Sandpoint, Sagle is the gateway to the communities of Bottle Bay and Garfield Bay. As a matter of fact, Sagle provides access to numerous activities including hiking, mountain biking, hunting and fishing. There are numerous trails and access to some very nice beaches and campgrounds. Sagle is a small, tightly knit community, with timber and tourism being the primary economic base. With its tree lined roads and beautiful scenery Sagle has become one of the areas prime locations to reside. Sagle school has been a long time favorite for the community and remains a centerpiece for family and community activities.

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Sagle History - Schools of the Glengary Peninsula

by Bob Gunter

Many of the old schools in Bonner County, Idaho have gone the way of time and are no more.

But there is one that still stands proudly as if waiting for the children of the area to come by foot, wagon, or on horse back to get "book learning" from a tall teacher. He was not the first teacher at the school but all the children that sat with him would tell you that he was literally head and shoulders over the others. On a still morning, if one listens with the ear of memory, you can hear the small classes being led in Bible reading, the pledge of allegiance to the flag, and a rousing rendition of the railroad song, "Casey Jones," the only song the young teacher knew. The old log cabin building remembers well the clinking of slates, the children wiggling on home made benches and the giggles as the young scholars drank one at a time from a common dipper.

The old school is located near Garfield Bay about 300 feet south of Glengary Road and got its start around 1905. Like all parents the people of the community wanted their children to have the opportunity to learn which made a school house a necessity. Jimmy Newman donated the land and the little cedar log building was put up in short order. To show their appreciation to the donor of the land the people named the school "Newman" in his honor. Newman allowed the children to leave their horses and wagons in his barn during school but turned a dim eye when they started taking fruit from his orchard.

The school year ran from early spring until sometime in the fall. Winter and heavy snows signaled the beginning of vacation. All eight grades met in the one room building and at times they were joined by the ninth grade. The teacher made a salary of $35.00 a month plus room and board. This meant a bit of moving around from family to family that lived within walking distance of the school. It would be a source of pride to the youngster who could say, "Teacher is living at my house." The need for a larger building became evident and a frame building was built near the log cabin. The log building became the teacher's home and it was no longer necessary to make the monthly rounds of the community. The old frame building still stands beside the log school.

As more people settled in the Glengary area there were more children needing access to a school closer to their homes than the Newman school. A new district was formed and a new one-room school was built and named Meadowlark. The first class was held in 1914 and Alice Schroeder was the teacher. Meadowlark was the place of learning for all eight grades and the children of the peninsula continued to gain knowledge there until the county decided on school consolidation. Both Newman and Meadowlark were sold and today Meadowlark exists only in the fond memories of those who went there to school.


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All photographs have been used with permission of the Bonner County Museum.

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