Sandpoint and surrounding areas Historical Photos
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Historical Photos of Sandpoint, Idaho and Surrounding Areas

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Welcome to the "Old Photos" section at On this page you will find approximately 200 old photographs of Sandpoint and Bonner County. Most of the photos were provided by the Bonner County Historical Society. To learn more about our history, please stop by and visit the Historical Society and Museum at Ella and Ontario in Sandpoint. Museum Web site >>

Use of any photos is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from The Bonner County Historical Society

Lumber camp

"Old Lumber Camp"

Looking South on First Avenue

"Looking South on First Ave"

The first courthouse in Sandpoint

"First Courthouse"

Sandpoint looking North

"Sandpoint looking North"

Record Snow 1930s

"Record Snow 1930's"

Westwood Building in Sandpoint

"Westwood Building in Sandpoint"

First Avenue in 1918

"First Avenue in 1918"

The first building to be built as a school in the Village of Sandpoint

"First School in Sandpoint"

Bonner County Courthouse circa 1907

"Bonner County Courthouse circa 1907"

Republican, a local newspaper

"Republican, a local newspaper"

Second and Cedar

"Second and Cedar"

Watching the parade

"Watching the parade"

Foster's Garage and Tin Shop

"Foster's Garage and Tin Shop"

Parade looking North on Fifth Ave

"Parade looking North on Fifth Ave"

The old creamery located on Fifth Avenue

"The old creamery located on Fifth Avenue"

First Ski Lodge at Schweitzer

"First Ski Lodge at Schweitzer"

Old Gem Theater 1920's

"Old Gem Theater 1920's"

Home of Ignatz Weil, an early Sandpoint pioneer

"Home of Ignatz Weil, Sandpoint pioneer"

Strike up the band

"Strike up the band"

The Sandpoint Band 1938

"The Sandpoint Band 1938"

Mrs. Culver and her dog

"Mrs. Culver and her dog"

Sandpoint Idaho Community Hall

"Sandpoint Idaho Community Hall"

Hunting was pretty good 1890

"Hunting was pretty good 1890"

Sandpoint City Beach around 1930

"Sandpoint City Beach around 1930"

Snow removal on Cedar Street

"Snow removal on Cedar Street"

Sandpoint Central School

"Sandpoint Central School"

Sandpoint Community Hall 1944

"Sandpoint Community Hall 1944"

First Avenue and Church Street 1920s

"First Ave and Church Street 1920's"

Sandpoint City Dock 1940's

"Sandpoint City Dock 1940's"

CEDU Educational Services

"CEDU Educational Services"

Champion Drum and Bugle Corps

"Champion Drum and Bugle Corps"

1908 and is of the old laundry

"1908 of the old laundry"

The Dalby dealership 1947

"The Dalby dealership 1947"

Don's Drive In

"Don's Drive In"

The old Dover Schoolhouse

"The old Dover Schoolhouse"

Dover Community Hall in 1928

"Dover Community Hall in 1928"

Dover Church and Community Hall

"Dover Church and Community Hall"

Kerr and Nead store 1900's

"Kerr and Nead Store 1900's"

Livestock Auction Yard

"Livestock Auction Yard"

Farmin Building 1900

"Farmin Building 1900"

Parade on Fifth Avenue

"Parade on Fifth Avenue"

The bus station 1940

"The bus station 1940"

Northern Pacific Railroad Depot

"Northern Pacific Railroad Depot"

Cady and Pier Ford dealership

"Cady and Pier Ford dealership"

Midas community circa 1920

"Midas Community circa 1920"

Highway 95 and Highway 200

"Highway 95 and Highway 200"

Bonner General Hospital 1945

"Bonner General Hospital 1945"

The Hotel Idaho

"The Hotel Idaho"

Inside the USO building in Sandpoint

"Inside the USO building in Sandpoint"

The Sandpoint Hotel

"The Sandpoint Hotel"

The Painter Hotel

"The Painter Hotel"

Sandpoint Loggers 1925

"Sandpoint Loggers 1925"

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