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Welcome to Dover, Idaho

This small bedroom community is located in the Panhandle of Idaho in the Pacific Northwest region of North America. Since incorporation in 1988, we have grown from a few concerned citizens to a city with a population over 550 with a spirit of community. Dover provides a unique quality of life to families and individuals looking for the small town life, with easy access to larger cities such as Sandpoint. Although we are predominately a bedroom community, we realize the need to diversify our local economy.

Parcel sizes range from 1/5 acre to 600 acres and varies from agricultural to suburban. It is a perfect mix! The neighborhood areas include Syringa Heights, Rocky Point, Pine Street, Panorama Ridge, Canoe Cove, Marina Town, Pristine Heights, Cedar Ridge and of course the original community of Dover, each with their own personalities. The 1864 acres within the city limits contain over 12 miles of bike and pedestrian trails, 3,300 feet of public beach access and over 10 acres of public parks as well as wetland parks.

Nestled within the Selkirk Mountain Range at Latitude 48.251N., longitude 116.61W, Dover is bordered on the south by the Pend Oreille River and lies within the Purcell Trench at an elevation of 2067 feet and rises to 2900 feet. It is in the Pacific Standard time zone.

Lying just 40 miles from Montana and 25 miles from Washington, U.S. Hwy 2 / Idaho 200 intersects the city and encompasses the southern loop of the International Selkirk Loop and the Historic Rivers Passage. Spokane, WA is 90 miles southwest and provides the nearest international airport while the Canadian Border is 65 miles north along U.S Hwy 95. Schweitzer Mountain Resort is a 45 minute drive by car.

Located in Dover is the High-end waterfront community of Dover Bay which has more than 9 miles of trails along the water and through natural preserves, an exceptional community beach, 150-acres of park area, a 274-slip marina, and Marina Village featuring a store, cafe', and fitness facility. Southern exposure, nice beaches and good fishing make this a favorite getaway for locals.

  • Annual Average Temperature (in Fahrenheit)
  • Average High 56.6 / Low 34.4
  • January Average Temperature: High 32 / Low 20
  • July Average Temperature: High 82 / Low 48
  • Annual Average Snowfall: 70"
  • Annual Average Precipitation: 32"

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Dover History - Dover Church

by Bob Gunter

Nestled among the houses, while waiting for a ride on the barge to Dover from Laclede, was an eight-room rustic building. It had been built on the banks of the river and was to become the summer cottage of the A. C. White family.

It was August 17,1922, and up and down the Pend Oreille river people stood watching the billowing smoke and flames shooting into the sky. Something was burning over at Laclede and by the size of the fire it could only be the A.C. White mill. The fire totally destroyed the mill, factory, and yards, costing in excess of $700,000.

White had been in the area since 1909 when he moved from Michigan to open the mill in Laclede. He had extensive knowledge of the lumber business and soon saw his company grow to include a sash and door factory, a mill, and a planer. This meant jobs for the local residents and they were hopeful that the mill would be rebuilt in Laclede but that was not to be. White decided to move the business ten miles upstream to Dover with plans to renovate and expand the idle Dover mill. The mill would no longer be in Laclede and over 50 houses and a large warehouse owned by White would be barged upriver to the new Dover location.

The mood of the residents of Laclede is summed up in the words of an unknown woman. In her diary she stated, "Well, the thunder bolt fell on Laclede. A.C. has decided to move to Dover. He bought the Dover Mill Plant, so I guess Laclede is dead."

Nestled among the houses waiting for the ride on the barge to Dover was an eight room rustic building. It had been built on the banks of the river and was to become the summer cottage of A. C. White and his family.

It was after the new house had been barged upriver and set on its foundation, that A.C. White made another decision that influences the area to this day. He decided the family would not use the house for their summer cottage but it would be used as a church. He gave it to the people of Dover for that purpose and the Community Baptist Church was born. The house had to have some alterations and the people of Dover helped pay the cost by having dinners at the church for the whole community.

Today, on every Sunday morning, the faithful are called to worship by the tolling of the bell in the belfry. Members of the Dover Baptist Church gather in the old building that got religion in a short but historic 10-mile barge ride.

 Nestled among the houses, while waiting for a ride on the barge to Dover from Laclede, was an eight-room rustic building. It had been built on the banks of the river and was to become the summer cottage of the A. C. White family.

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All photographs have been used with permission of the Bonner County Museum.

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