Before 1975, the little house on the corner of Second & Lake Street had been a small seafood restaurant and prior to that, it had been the home of Sandpoint residents. Today it is known as The Hydra Restaurant. It was purchased in 1974 by stock holders from California. By 1975, The Hydra was open for business. Click here to go to our web site!

The back yard of this little house was transformed into a dining room in 1978, an old boarding house was torn down and the dining room was enlarged as well as the kitchen. In 1992, a large and beautiful lounge addition was added on the continually growing business.

Where did the name Hydra come from? The word has a few meanings; a multi-headed serpent slain by Hercules in Greek Mythology; it is the name of a Greek island; it is a microscopic critter. But rumor has it that the restaurant got it's name when the original owner saw a personalized license plate with the word "Hydra" on the back of a Limousine while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway around 1970.

Even though the name still remains a mystery, the Hydra made it's mark in Sandpoint. Still an independent operation , it has delighted in providing it's customers with great food, a comfortable atmosphere, and warm friendly service since 1975.

The Hydra is still Sandpoint's most popular dining establishment, with unique and casual surroundings, complemented by plants, beautiful cut glass works by a local artist, and wildlife art prints. 3 Million meals served.