Sandpoint and surrounding areas Historical Photos
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Page 4 - Historical Photos of Sandpoint, Idaho and Surrounding Areas

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Welcome to the "Old Photos" section at On this page you will find approximately 200 old photographs of Sandpoint and Bonner County. Most of the photos were provided by the Bonner County Historical Society. To learn more about our history, please stop by and visit the Historical Society and Museum at Ella and Ontario in Sandpoint. Museum Web site >>

Use of any photos is strictly prohibited without prior written consent from The Bonner County Historical Society

Old fashioned snow removal

"Old fashioned snow removal"

Steamship on Lake Pend Oreille

"Steamship on Lake Pend Oreille"

Sturgeon caught by Alva Noble in 1905

"Sturgeon caught by Alva Noble in 1905"

Indians Dancing 1950

"Indians Dancing 1950"

4th of July parade Circa 1904.

"4th of July parade Circa 1904."

International Order Odd Fellows

"International Order Odd Fellows"

The third Long Bridge

"The third Long Bridge"

Old Lake Theater

"Old Lake Theater"

Building of the 3rd Long Bridge

"Building of the 3rd Long Bridge"

Cedar street in 1950's.

"Cedar street in 1950's."

2nd Long Bridge being built

"2nd Long Bridge being built"

The first and second bridges

"The first and second bridges"

Steamship in 1900 Sandpoint

"Steamship in 1900 Sandpoint"

Sandpoint area Steamship

"Sandpoint area Steamship"

A.C. White Door Company

"A.C. White Door Company"

Fire and Police Department 1920

"Fire and Police Department 1920"

Sandpoint High School football team

"Sandpoint High School football team"

Laclede Lumber Company

"Laclede Lumber Company"

Talache Silver Mill

"Talache Silver Mill"

Talache Silver Mill near Sandpoint

"Talache Silver Mill near Sandpoint"

1st Long Wagon Bridge

"1st Long Wagon Bridge"

The Diamond D Waiting

"The Diamond D Waiting"

Ford tri-motor

"Ford tri-motor"

Ford tri-motor at Fairgrounds

"Ford tri-motor at Fairgrounds"

Old Kootenai School

"Old Kootenai School"

Pend Oreille Lodge

"Pend Oreille Lodge"

The steamship 'Mary Moody'

"The steamship "Mary Moody""

Early Sandpoint logging operation

"Early Sandpoint logging operation"

Dalby's service station

"Dalby's service station"

Main Street of Lakeview

"Main Street of Lakeview"

The first pumper of Fire Dept.

"The first pumper of Fire Dept."

Clark Fork Ferry around 1900

"Clark Fork Ferry around 1900"

Clark Fork Ferry

"Clark Fork Ferry"

First Avenue and Pine Street circa 1900

"First Avenue and Pine Street circa 1900"

The steamer Northern

"The steamer Northern"

Sandpoint City Docks

"Sandpoint City Docks"

Old Sandpoint Pioneer

"Old Sandpoint Pioneer"

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